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  • Vietnam Magazine

    Arsenal: Enemy Rockets

    The VC and the NVA used their improvised rocket artillery with deadly effect. North Vietnamese Army weaponry underwent a dramatic shift during the time I commanded the Combined Materiel Exploitation Center (CMEC), between August 1965 and...

  • Aviation History Magazine

    The Devil’s Broomstick

    The Soviet Union was the first country to adopt a rocket-powered fighter— and swiftly abandon it. Although none of the Western powers came anywhere near the German level of rocket aircraft development before World War II, the Germans...

  • Aviation History Magazine

    Bat Out of Hell

    The rocket-powered Me-163 Komet interceptor outperformed every other World War II combat aircraft…if its pilots lived to fight. In late July 1944, P-51 Mustang pilots who thought they flew the best fighter aircraft over Germany received...

  • Aviation History Magazine

    Bachem Ba-349 Natter: A Rocket-Powered Snake

    Facing a critical shortage of C-Stoff fuel for JG.400, Colonel Wolf­gang Späte was informed by General of Fighters Adolf Galland that “because of a special SS initiative, a defensive surface-to-air rocket aircraft is supposed to be...

  • Aviation History Magazine

    Build Your Own X-15A-2

    It’s always wise to look over the in­structions before starting any kit, but if you decide to build Special Hobby’s 1/72nd-scale X-15A-2, it’s best to first check the Internet, since the directions provided with this kit are...