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    Eyes of the Army

    Whether soaring at 30,000 feet or ‘dicing’ on the deck, the 10th Photo Reconnaissance Group got the pictures Allied planners needed. Compared with fighter jocks and bomber crews, pilots of the photoreconnaissance squadrons were among...

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    Aviation History Book Review: Shooting the Front

    Shooting the Front: Allied Aerial Reconnaissance in the First World War by Terrence J. Finnegan, Trafalgar Square Publishing, Chicago, 2011, $44.95 With all the emphasis on fighter aces like the Red Baron and Eddie Rickenbacker, it’s...

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    Silent Warrior: Grumman’s OV-1 Mohawk

    Grumman’s OV-1 Mohawk battlefield recon plane is remembered as an unsung hero by its crewmen and the troops they saved. Specialist Steve Littleton leaned back from his hooded viewer as Captain Attila Barandi banked their Grumman Mohawk...