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  • Aviation History Magazine

    One-Oh-Wonder, the F-101 Voodoo

    Conceived as a fighter escort for SAC nuclear bombers, then adapted to other roles, McDonnell’s 1,000-mph F-101 Voodoo made its mark operationally as a photoreconnaissance platform and fighter-interceptor. As Lieutenant Colonel James R....

  • World War II Magazine

    WWII Review: War of Nerves

    Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway follows Staff Sgt. Matt Baker, the fictional squad leader of a reconnaissance unit of the 101st Airborne, as he leads his men against the Nazis in that infamous Allied failure, Operation Market Garden. So...

  • Aviation History Magazine

    Eyes of the Army

    Whether soaring at 30,000 feet or ‘dicing’ on the deck, the 10th Photo Reconnaissance Group got the pictures Allied planners needed. Compared with fighter jocks and bomber crews, pilots of the photoreconnaissance squadrons were among...

  • Aviation History Magazine

    Aviation History Book Review: Shooting the Front

    Shooting the Front: Allied Aerial Reconnaissance in the First World War by Terrence J. Finnegan, Trafalgar Square Publishing, Chicago, 2011, $44.95 With all the emphasis on fighter aces like the Red Baron and Eddie Rickenbacker, it’s...

  • Aviation History Magazine

    Silent Warrior: Grumman’s OV-1 Mohawk

    Grumman’s OV-1 Mohawk battlefield recon plane is remembered as an unsung hero by its crewmen and the troops they saved. Specialist Steve Littleton leaned back from his hooded viewer as Captain Attila Barandi banked their Grumman Mohawk...

  • Vietnam Magazine

    Arsenal | The RF-101C Voodoo

    On Oct. 23, 1961, the commander of the Thirteenth Air Force ordered the RF-101Cs of Task Force Pipe Stem to fly a reconnaissance mission over Tchephone airfield in Laos to confirm reports of a North Vietnamese and Soviet presence. The...