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  • MHQ Magazine

    The Fiery Trail of the Alabama

    The Confederate raider and her touch skipper set a record for merchant-ship destruction that has never been equaled...

  • MHQ Magazine


    He was the terror of two nations: Mexicans regarded him as the devil sent to punish them for their sins; Americans, as the personification of the merciless brutality of Apache warfare...

  • Aviation History Magazine

    The Truth About Tidal Wave

    A veteran of the costly B-24 raid on Ploesti tells the real story of what went wrong. The events in the skies over the Mediterranean and southern Europe on August 1, 1943, have long been a historical bone of contention. On that fateful day...

  • Military History Magazine

    A Storm in Every Port

    The sanguinary saga of Norwegian King Olaf Tryggvason relates his bloody raids, mercurial romances, warped religious convictions and ultimate fate. Lashed together, the 11 longships of Norwegian King Olaf Tryggvason’s flotilla formed a...