Last time out we discussed an Allied deception operation called Starkey. Designed to simulate a landing in the Pas de Calais in 1943, and thus to draw off German strength from Italy (where the Allies...
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Military History Reader Poll – July 2013

What would you recommend an international tribunal do if an accused or convicted violator of international law refuses to submit to due process? Should international law trump a nation’s sovereign...
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A Young Pilot’s Surprising Political Leanings

Branded a left-wing peacenik during his 1972 presidential campaign against incumbent Richard M. Nixon, Senator George S. McGovern lost that race in a landslide, winning only Massa-chusetts and Washington, D.C....
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Thaddeus Stevens

Meet the real Thaddeus Stevens, the man who inspired Tommy Lee Jones' impassioned performance in Spielberg's Lincoln.

Review – Black April

Black April by George Veith is an illuminating examination of South Vietnam's fall in 1973-1975.
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Interview – Rep. Jeff Miller

The chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee discusses where we were militarily in the Vietnam War and where we're headed as a nation