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Philip H. Sheridan

  • Civil War Times Magazine

    Sheridan Shifts the Tide of War in the Valley

    The veteran Union infantrymen filed into position with the ease of soldiers who knew their work. A dense morning fog obscured the ground in front of them, but the sounds of a fierce engagement kept creeping closer. It was midmorning on...

  • Civil War Times Magazine

    A Brit Rates Our Generals

    One of the world’s foremost military historians evaluates the war’s top commanders. America was awash with generals in 1865, but when the Civil War began in 1861 there had been almost no generals on either side. The only men holding...

  • MHQ Magazine

    Last Stand

    How could a commander and a regiment widely seen as the best on the frontier fall so spectacularly to a mob of untrained, unlettered natives?...