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Peloponnesian War

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    Decision at Plataea, 479 BC

    For the Greeks, victory would secure autonomy— defeat would mean Persian domination. Marathon and Miltiades, Salamis and Themistocles, Thermopylae and Leonidas—such names resonate in the annals of the 5th century BC Greco-Persian Wars....

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    The Great Greek Turncoat

    During the 431–404 BC Peloponnesian War, the unscrupulous Alcibiades was a victorious general—for all sides. In one of his lesser-known plays, Timon of Athens, William Shakespeare put a speech in the mouth of a supporting character...

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    Military History Book Review: Song of Wrath

    Song of Wrath: The Peloponnesian War Begins  by J.E. Lendon, Basic Books, 2010, $35 For more than a generation Peloponnesian War studies have been an educational staple for diplomats and soldiers alike. Readers of Thucydides’...

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    Beware the Furies

    The fortunes of war are hardest on the vanquished, but for a cadre of Athenian commanders during the Peloponnesian War, victory proved fatal. Present-day Greece may be beset with problems, but the nation is stable in comparison to its...