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  • Aviation History Magazine

    Fine Art Takes Wing

    It’s time aviation artists were given the respect they so richly deserve. On a recent trip to the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, I discovered among the dazzling collection of impressionist art a marvelous 1910 oil painting of a Levavasseur...

  • Aviation History Magazine

    Corsair! The Award-Winning Painting

    American Society of Aviation Artists 2008 Award of Distinction winner. The clean, distinctive lines of Jack Fellows’ award- winning painting are indicative of his careful research and close attention to detail and accuracy. That...

  • American History Magazine

    Every Picture Tells a Story

    America’s transformation from a fledgling confederation of 13 colonies to a mature republic took a century and a half. The nation was born, settled and then wracked by civil war; it rebuilt, urbanized and emerged in the 20th century as...

  • Civil War Times Magazine

    War in Watercolors

    Of all the soldier artists who chronicled the war, perhaps none was more accomplished than German immigrant Adolph G. Metzner. His field-drawn illustrations survive today as a time capsule of Western Theater history. Born in the village of...

  • Civil War Times Magazine

    State of the Art: Saving Large-Scale Paintings

    The Virginia Historical Society saves one of the last remaining examples of large-scale Civil War imagery. Near the top of a huge painting, a conservator stands on a lift, wielding something that resembles a cotton swab. She rubs the tip...

  • American History Magazine

    Childe Hassam’s Island Escape

      oday the highlight of Appledore Island, six miles off Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is sun- and wind-powered Shoals Marine Research Laboratory, jointly run by Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire. The painter Childe...