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Operation Halyard

  • World War II Magazine

    A Daring Rescue Behind the Lines

    Operation Halyard weathered fierce British opposition, communist sabotage, and the threat of Nazi discovery to become one of the most successful rescue missions of World War II. Black flak bursts blossomed in the air around Lt. Thomas...

  • Ask Mr. History

    Has a film of Operation Halyard been made?

    Has there ever been a motion picture depicting Operation Halyard produced? L.T. Ricamore   ??? Dear Mr. Ricamore, Operation Halyard, the evacuation of as many as 512 downed Allied aircrewmen from behind German lines with the aid of...

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    Table of Contents – May 2008 – World War II

    Subscribe to World War II magazine today! FEATURES COVER STORY Germany’s Greatest General Hermann Balck fought the most brilliant—and probably least known—divisional battle in modern military history DAVID T. ZABECKI Fight to the...

  • Aviation History Magazine

    Rescue Behind Enemy Lines

    Downed World War II allied airmen needed help from the Chetnik army, the Fifteenth Air Force, and OSS agents to get airlifted out of the Balkans, and it was one of the most successful rescues in air force history....