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    Ghost Town: Castle, Montana

    In 1882 prospector Hanson H. Barnes found outcrops of silver and lead while roaming the southern flank of the Castle Mountains in Meagher County, Montana Territory. Two years later Barnes got around to recording his remote discoveries,...

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    Johnny Grant and Conrad Kohrs Founded the Montana Cattle Industry

    The Grant-Kohrs Ranch honors their contributions. When westbound emigrants reached what would become Idaho and Montana in the 1840s–50s, their livestock was often severely trail-worn. Fortunately some enterprising souls at trading posts...

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    Ghost Towns: Emery, Montana

    In 1872 H.L. Hoffman and George Boothroyd first discovered placer gold in Rocker Gulch, a tributary of Cottonwood Creek, seven miles east of Cottonwood City (as Deer Lodge was then known). But their success was modest. Not until the late...

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    Mari Bolen

    From Montana’s Bitterroot Valley sculptor Bolen renders emotive bronzes of Plains Indians and other subjects...