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Military Medicine

  • America's Civil War Magazine

    Life Is Better Than Limb

    Wartime amputations, while extreme, saved thousands of lives and helped spur the development of modern prosthetics. In four years of brutal Civil War combat, thousands of soldiers on both sides of the struggle suffered wounds that required...

  • Military History Magazine

    The Best Medicine

    Death came slowly to soldiers wounded on the battlefields of antiquity. The muscle-powered weapons that hacked at their flesh only rarely inflicted sudden death. Bodies pierced by spears or slashed by swords lingered in agony, sometimes...

  • MHQ Magazine

    Fertile Blood

    Medical progress, bought at the enormous cost of human lives, may be the most lasting and vital benefit of war.   “I am badly injured, Doctor; I fear I am dying… I think the wound in my shoulder is still bleeding.”...


    The Shock of War

    Rage Of Battle’ Forever Haunted Some Veterans. In 1862, Owen Flaherty left his wife and son in Terre Haute, Ind., and joined the 125th Illinois Infantry. He was, by all accounts, a quiet and easygoing man, well-liked and quick to share a...