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Korean War

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    Multi-Media Review – Sabre Ace (software)

    Sabre Ace, Virgin Interactive, Irvine, Calif., $49.95. Sabre Ace takes a welcome jaunt into the seldom highlighted era of the Korean War. It brings with it a mix of contrasts, including the interesting coexistence of jets and propellers as...

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    World War II:February 1997 From the Editor

      Several American aces made the transition from propeller aircraft to jets and added to their victory totals in Korea. While the accomplishments of many of the great German aces of World War II who flew both propeller-driven fighter...

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    American History: June ’99 Letters

    NAME THE SHIPS Having served in Korean waters, I found the article on the USS Missouri (“The Last Battleship,” February 1999) especially interesting. Had it not been for ships such as the Missouri and many others, including two...