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A Tale of Two Wars: World War II and Korea

One moment you're an army riding high, winning the greatest war of all time. A few short years later, you're having big troubles in the field. Some thoughts on the U.S. Army in World War II and the Korean War.
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MHQ Summer 2010 Table of Contents

The Summer 2010 issue of MHQ features articles about looted art throughout history, the bombing of Guernica, the Battle of Antietam, U.S Navy in the Korean War, the Emperor Julian, and the O'Brien brothers during the American War of Independence.
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Korean War Gallery Extra: The Road To Seoul

After the elegantly executed Inchon landings, the U.S. Marines faced bloodied but unbowed North Korean forces that dug in to protect Kimpo Airfield and South Korea’s former capital.
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Born to Fight – Colonel Lewis Millett

A Vietnam magazine interview with Col. Lewis L. Millett, who served in two armies and three wars and was awarded the Medal of Honor for leading a bayonet charge in the Korean War.
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Mitchell Red Cloud Jr.: Korean War Hero

Following the Japanese surrender ending World War II on September 2, 1945, the U.S. Army was reduced to just 10 divisions, with four of them, the 7th, 24th and 25th Infantry divisions and the 1st Cavalry...

Captain James Jabara: Ace of the Korean War

Captain James Jabara became the first American ace in Korea when he turned his fifth MiG into a 'whirl of fire'...and he had only just begun. Before he was done, he would record 15 'kills.'
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Korean War: Battles of the Bowling Alley

Two North Korean divisions tried to force their way through the valley north of Tabu-dong, but it was their American and South Korean opponents who displayed remarkable cooperation.

By Uzal W. Ent