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Kaiser Wilhelm II

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    Another Contemptible Little Army?

    It’s a cardinal sin of warfare to underestimate the enemy, but Germany did exactly that as it sized up U.S. military power in World War I...

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    A U-Boat’s U-Turn

    In 1916 a German “merchant” submarine suddenly popped up in Baltimore. It went on to sink 43 Allied ships during World War I.   AS THE FOG LIFTED JUST AFTER DAWN ON July 9, 1916, people along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay...

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    The Kaiser’s Question, 1914

    The fate of the world hinged on one man’s answer. All of Europe tensed during the fateful summer of 1914 as the Austro- Hungarian Empire determined to eradicate the small Balkan kingdom of Serbia. There was little to covet in Serbia, a...


    Behind the Lines | Antwerp, 1914

    Britain goes to war—but where?   WHOEVER CONTROLLED THE ENGLISH CHANNEL and whoever controlled the Channel threatened the maritime perimeter of the British Isles. That was the center of gravity in the United Kingdom’s national...