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John F. Kennedy Family

  • American History Magazine

    Jack Kennedy and Dr. Feelgood

    Did the mysterious injections the president received from a quack doctor before a crucial summit with Comrade Khrushchev put the world closer to the nuclear brink? The doctor wore a white coat that was frequently splattered with blood. His...

  • Ask Mr. History

    Were Outlaws Spike & Sam Kennedy related to JFK?

    Are Spike & Sam Kennedy (Late 1800’s—fought with Wyatt Earp) related to JFK? Thank you. Gerry Andrus ? ? ? Dear Mr. Andrus As far as we can determine, Joseph Kennedy’s family came to Boston during the 1840s and spent the rest...

  • HistoryNet

    The JFK Collection: Eight Films – DVD Review

    "The JFK Collection" presents eight hours of documentaries, on three DVDs, about President John F. Kennedy, his wife, and other members of the Kennedy family....

  • MHQ Online Extras

    The Kennedy Curse in World War II

    Though John F. Kennedy emerged from World War II as a national hero, he thought of the war years as a dark period for his family. “It turned us upside down and sucked all the oxygen out of our smug and comfortable assumptions,” he...

  • MHQ

    John F. Kennedy’s PT-109 Disaster

    The most famous collision in U.S. Navy history occurred at about 2:30 a.m. on August 2, 1943, a hot, moonless night in the Pacific. Patrol Torpedo boat 109 was idling in Blackett Strait in the Solomon Islands. The 80-foot craft had orders...