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    You Command Solution: Hungarian Freedom Fighters, 1956

    Historical outcome and winning Reader Solutions to CDG #52, September 2012 issue. The September 2012 issue of Armchair General® presented the Combat Decision Game “Hungarian Freedom Fighters, 1956.” This CDG placed readers in the role...

  • MHQ

    6 Questions | Author Paul Bogdanor

    PAUL BOGDANOR is an author and researcher based in Britain. His latest book, Kasztner’s Crime, tells the story of how hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were deported to their deaths during the Holocaust while the head of...

  • Wild West Magazine

    December 2016 Readers’ Letters

    In the December 2016 issue of Wild West readers share dispatches about a Western-themed Hungarian classroom, Ben Sippy of Tombstone and the Dalton Gang...