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    Letter from MHQ: Shock and Awful

    WITH THIS ISSUE OF MHQ we have entered the centenary year of the Great War, and shall, inevitably, embark on fresh efforts to comprehend and “understand” one of the greatest calamities ever to befall humankind. That it was entirely...

  • America's Civil War, Gathering Storm

    History we can chew on

    If we want the young to learn history, we must find appealing ways to teach it The Lincoln restaurant offers this large white leather banquette as an inviting version of the president's perch at the Lincoln Memorial. Photo courtesy of...

  • America's Civil War

    Who owns Gettysburg?

    Preservationists, residents, entrepreneurs and Civil War enthusiasts all want a stake in its legacy At times it seems as if there isn’t enough Gettysburg to go around, and almost 150 years after the nation-changing battle, the site...

  • Mag: America's Civil War Reviews, Reviews

    Book Review: Confederates in the Attic : ACW

    Confederates in the Attic, by Tony Horwitz, Pantheon Books, New York, 1998, $27.50. The Civil War looms large in the minds of Americans. Diverse groups have immersed themselves in the literature and regalia of the war. In Confederates in...