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  • MHQ Magazine

    The Christmas Bombing

    Was our December 1972 bombing of Hanoi a great victory that brought “peace with honor”? Or was it a blunder that cost South Vietnam its freedom?   IF THE MANY CONTROVERSIES THAT SWIRL around the American role in the...

  • Vietnam Magazine

    When the Die Was Cast

    As 1966 neared, Hanoi held fast to the hope that the NVA and VC could deliver a decisive military blow to its enemies in the South. In the spring of 1965, as a major Communist offensive was severely damaging the South Vietnamese capacity...

  • Vietnam Magazine

    War for Peace in Vietnam

    Final peace talks in Paris, interrupted by ferocious Yuletide bombing, epitomized the byzantine and often bizarre maneuverings that let the United States find a way out of Vietnam. IN TET’S WAKE, FORMAL PEACE TALKS between the United...

  • Vietnam Magazine

    Vietnam Book Review: Hanoi’s War

    Hanoi’s War: An International History of the War for Peace in Vietnam  by Lien-Hang T. Nguyen, The University of North Carolina Press, 2012 For years the manner in which Hanoi waged its war—militarily, politically,...

  • Vietnam Magazine

    Vietnam Book Review: Lessons From the Hanoi Hilton

    Lessons From the Hanoi Hilton: Six Characteristics of High-Performance Teams by Peter Fretwell and Taylor Baldwin Kiland, Naval Institute Press, 2013 Very few readers of this magazine are unaware of what happened to the American pilots...