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  • Vietnam Magazine

    Shadow and Stinger

    Shadow and Stinger by William P. Head. Texas A&M University Press, College Station, 2007, hardcover $49.95. All who served in Vietnam in the mid- 60s knew the venerable AC-47, better known as “Puff the Magic Dragon,” which entered...

  • Vietnam Magazine

    Dodging SAMs—In An AC-130!

    It looked like curtains for the crew of the lumbering Spectre gunship as the surface-to-air missiles closed in for the kill. We slaughtered ’em. As that night’s first AC-130 Spectre gunship into Laos, we found trucks everywhere. In...

  • Aviation History Magazinee

    The Navy’s Flying Cannon

    Built to counter the German U-boat threat in World War I, the Naval Aircraft Factory N-1 never fulfilled its purpose. In a peculiar contravention of American capitalist principles, the U.S. Navy established its own aircraft production...


    War on the Water: Jack of All Trades

    Nothing conjures the romance of travel on America’s rivers like the riverboat. Whether by reading the works of Mark Twain or simply watching the musical “Showboat,” we picture the elegantly trimmed snow-white vessel, its smokestacks...

  • Vietnam Magazine

    ‘Spooky’ Gunship Operations in the Vietnam War

    With their flares and their miniguns and cannon, fixed-wing gunships not only illuminated the battlefield, they dominated it as well....