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General George C. Marshall

  • World War II Magazine

    WWII Review: Why We Fight

    WWII: Why We Fight  Time: 441 minutes. B&W/Color. $49.99.  In 1942, Gen. George C. Marshall ordered Frank Capra, then a major in the army’s Morale Branch, to create a new sort of training film that would educate GI Joes...

  • MHQ Magazine

    “Relax—It’s Only a Maneuver”

    The first army-versus-army maneuvers in American history, "fought" in the fall of 1941, were an elaborate game—but they helped prepare American forces for World War II...

  • MHQ Magazine

    Women, Combat, and the Gender Line

    A secret World War II study proved that female soldiers were ready to serve under fire. Other nations made warriors of their women. Why did we? WOMEN WERE THE INVISIBLE COMBATANTS OF World War II. Hundreds of thousands fought—not as...