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    Old Soldiers: Pacific B-17 Armed Transports

    A dozen battered B-17s served as armed transports in the Pacific, dropping supplies and strafing Japanese positions. In 1943, when hundreds of B-17s routinely sortied over Europe, a B-17 mission in the Southwest Pacific theater never...

  • Aviation History Magazine

    The Bloody 100th

    The Eighth Air Force’s 100th Bomb Group earned its nickname the hard way in the brutal skies over Germany. Only one World War II U.S. Army Air Forces tail flash survives in the present-day U.S. Air Force: the Square D. Seventy-five...

  • Aviation History Magazine

    Death on the High Road: The Schweinfurt Raid

    In October 1943, Eighth Air Force bombers flew through hell to bomb Schweinfurt, Germany. For them, Schweinfurt meant only one thing: a killer town that was one of the most savagely defended targets along the aerial high road above...

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    Flying Fort Gets a Facelift

    The Midwestern gate guard stands in for a storied six-mission bomber. The Boeing B-17F that serves as a gate guard at Offutt Air Force Base never saw combat during World War II, and narrowly missed out on a glamorous Hollywood career as...

  • Aviation History Magazine

    Pacific Tramps

    The story of the B-17s that arrived over Hawaii during the Japanese attack has been told many times, but what happened to them?    On December 7, 1941, 12 unarmed B-17s on their way to reinforce the Philippines arrived over Oahu...