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Learjet’s Golden Anniversary

It wasn’t until the age of 50 that Frank Sinatra owned his first Learjet, but for the next two years it would become perhaps the most notorious mode of transportation for Rat Pack members and their...
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Sikorsky Prize Goes to Canadians

After 33 years, the Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Challenge has at last been met. The American Helicopter Society’s requirements were rigorous: The machine had to fly for at least 60...

Coast to Coast on Sun Power

Imagine flying 900 miles at about 40 mph in a cockpit that has half the interior space of a Mini Cooper, with wings the span of a commercial jet providing lift. Now remove the gas tank, add 12,000...
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New Drone Designs Take Wing

Even as debate continues over the ethical use of drones in foreign and domestic airspace, two new drone designs are nearing full airworthiness.
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Wild Duel: Weasels vs SAMs Over Dong Hoi

During the Vietnam War, the Wild Weasels flew as a protection screen in specially equipped F-105F Thuds into a target area to sweep and destroy surface to air missile (SAM) sites, to protect "strike packages" or a flight of fighters that followed on

F3F Biplane Barrels Back

Christ Prevost of the Vintage Airplane Company has just returned to the air the F3F-2 you see here, which made its first post-restoration flight last September. Grumman F3Fs would have been iconic...

Defiant Restoration

Largely forgotten is that one squadron of Defiants was among the world's first effective electronic countermeasure units The U.S. had its Brewster Buffalo, and the Brits were stuck with the Boulton Paul...