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Eastern Front World War I

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    Book Review: Russia’s Last Gasp

    Prit Buttar presents the third of his exhaustively researched four-volume set on the World War I Eastern Front...

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    Valor | Romania’s Heroine

    Killed in action in September 1917 leading Romanian troops into battle, Ecaterina Teodoroiu was likely the first woman in the 20th century to command a male infantry unit in combat. Today she’s regarded as a national heroine, but during...

  • Military History Magazine

    Almost Victory

    The 1916 Brusilov offensive was intended to bring an early end to World War I—but Russia paid the price for its own failure. One hundred years ago this summer the Russian empire’s massive Brusilov offensive, which played out along the...

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    MHQ Noteworthy Books Autumn 2015

    Browned Off and Bloody-Minded The British Soldier Goes to War, 1939–1945 by Alan Allport, 424 pages. (Yale, $40). Approaching World War II as a social history of those who served in the PBI (poor bloody infantry), Allport...