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Eastern Front

  • World War II Magazine

    WWII Book Review: The Retreat

    The Retreat: Hitler’s First Defeat By Michael Jones. 352 pp. Thomas Dunne Books, December 2010. $27.99. Even before the Wehrmacht retreated from Moscow, it retreated from civilized behavior: its soldiers and officers launched an orgy of...

  • HistoryNet

    You Command Solution: Spanish Blue Division in Russia, 1943

    Historical outcome and winning Reader Solutions to CDG #55, March 2013 issue. The March 2013 issue of Armchair General ® presented the Combat Decision Game “Spanish Blue Division in Russia, 1943.” This CDG placed readers in the role...

  • MHQ Magazine

    The Korsun Noose

    Encircled by an overwhelming and vengeful Soviet army, German soldiers on the Eastern Front desperately searched for a way out.   The calendar reads January 30, 1944. The clock says 2 p.m. The thermometer? Well, let’s just call it...