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  • Vietnam Magazine

    Arsenal | MiG-21: Hanoi’s Aerial Equalizer

    The Mikoyan-Gurevich concept of a tailed delta wing interceptor with Mach 2 capability first flew in 1955, entered Soviet service in 1959 and remained in first-line service for more than 30 years—a record for progressive development,...

  • Vietnam Magazine

    Arsenal | The F-104C Starfighter

      In December 1951, after Lockheed Corp. aircraft designer Clarence “Kelly” Johnson returned from meetings with U.S. Air Force pilots fighting over Korea, he was committed to developing the world’s fastest and highest-flying...

  • World War II Magazine

    The North American P-51D Mustang

    Ready to Ride Art by Jim Laurier   IN MAY 1940, British war planners asked North American Aviation to design and build a fighter-bomber with firepower, climb, speed, agility, and range sufficient to carry the fight to Berlin and back....