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Daniel Sickles

  • America's Civil War Magazine

    Dan Sickles Blowing Smoke

    Was wounded Dan Sickles coolly chomping that cigar as he was carried off the field at Gettysburg, or is it just a puffed-up tale? Every student of the Battle of Gettysburg knows the story—the intrepid Major General Dan Sickles, seemingly...

  • Civil War Times Magazine

    Death of the III Corps

    What was Dan Sickles thinking when he ‘practically destroyed his own corps’ at Gettysburg? “God bless the III Corps!” Major General Daniel Sickles reportedly uttered that benison as he was being carried from the field at Gettysburg...


    Killed at Gettysburg

    Letters reveal pain of those left behind. In the weeks following the July 1863 Battle of Gettysburg, tens of thousands of families waited anxiously for word of the fate of their loved ones and friends serving in the contending armies. Had...