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    Jumbo: Boeing 747

    Boeing’s 747 didn’t just revolutionize airline travel, it changed the world as we know it. If you were a hotshot airplane designer at Boeing in 1965, there was only one place you wanted to be. The aerodynamicists, the airframe...

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    Shear Terror

    Thunderstorm-generated wind shear was poorly understood until three major airline accidents compelled meteorologists and aviation experts to find solutions to the problem   On June 24, 1975, Eastern Airlines Flight 66, a Boeing...

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    Web Update: Spirit of St. Louis 2

    The 91st anniversary of Charles Lindbergh’s record-making transatlantic flight has come and gone while Spirit of St. Louis 2, a scratch-built replica of the famous airplane, remains grounded (see “Spirit of St. Louis 2,” March 2018...

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    Percival Spencer’s Air Car: Everyman’s Amphibian

    Percival Spencer’s 1941 Air Car design formed the template for two generations of amphibious lightplanes. For ordinary Americans living through the Great Depression, the notion of privately owning a seaplane—even a small one used for...

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    When Birds Strike

    Since the earliest days of manned flight, pilots have sought to safely share the skies with their avian counterparts—with mixed results. On September 7, 1905, less than two years after Orville Wright became the first man to make a...

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    The Legendary Lockheed Constellation

    The Lockheed Constellation may be the object of more misinformation and fables than any other airliner ever made. Stephan Wilkinson sorts out fact from fiction in this Aviation History magazine article....