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    D-Day Revisited

    The author, laden with oral-history transcripts, spent a summer in Normandy studying the battle that marked the beginning of the end of the war in Europe.   AS PART OF THE RESEARCH for a book I am writing about D-Day, timed for the...

  • Vietnam Magazine

    Common Men, Uncommon Valor

    “Everything around you is just riddled with shrapnel. You see that right away. There isn’t anything that isn’t torn open; sandbags are ripped open, buildings are just shredded.” That’s how former Marine Ron Rees describes the...

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    Don’t Make Friends in a Combat Unit

    In the years following the initial deployment of major U.S. units to Vietnam in 1965, the formation of many troop units was random. This wasn’t the Band of Brothers. You didn’t ordinarily serve with men you had trained with. Instead,...