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    Rambling: Of Grave Interest

    At Philadelphia’s historic Laurel Hill Cemetery, Russ Dodge feeds his Civil War obsession...

  • MHQ Magazine

    The Civil Warrior

    Through his pioneering histories of the Civil War, it was said, Bruce Catton “made us hear the sounds of battle and cherish peace.”   IN 1923 A YOUNG REPORTER FOR THE CLEVELAND PLAIND DEALER set out to interview Civil...


    The Shock of War

    Rage Of Battle’ Forever Haunted Some Veterans. In 1862, Owen Flaherty left his wife and son in Terre Haute, Ind., and joined the 125th Illinois Infantry. He was, by all accounts, a quiet and easygoing man, well-liked and quick to share a...

  • Civil War Times Magazine

    The War On The Net – Union Army Data

    The early indicators of later work levels, disease and death This statistical website probes the impact of war on Civil War veterans and their families. “Union Army Data” started under the direction of economic...