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  • American History Magazine

    The First: Canned Beer

    Before Prohibition, Americans toted beer home from local watering holes in small, galvanized pails called growlers. But in January 1935, 13 months after the teetotaling experiment was repealed, beer drinkers in Richmond, Va., ushered in a...

  • Civil War Times Magazine

    CWT Book Review: Irish & German– Whiskey & Beer

    Irish & German– Whiskey & Beer: Drinking Patterns in the Civil War  Thomas P. Lowry; A popular stereotype during the Civil War years was that the Irish were drunk on whiskey and brave in battle, while Germans...

  • Civil War Times Magazine

    Hops and History

    Historic travelers can quench their thirst with a flood of Civil War-themed brews. From Minnesota to Maine to Virginia, a curious intersection of Civil War history and beer brewing is taking place. Heritage tourism is a driving force...