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  • American History Magazine

    Little Rock at 50

    Michael K. Honey, author of Going Down Jericho Road: The Memphis Strike, Martin Luther King’s Last Campaign, reviews Elizabeth Jacoway’s Turn Away Thy Son and considers the implications of desegregation on the 50th anniversary of the...

  • Wild West Magazine

    Wild West Book Review: Dangerous Visitors

    Dangerous Visitors: The Lawless Era by Orval E. Allbritton, Garland County Historical Society, Hot Springs, Ark., 2008. Hot Springs, Arkansas, doesn’t usually spring to mind as a hotbed of lawlessness, but it’s safe to say not everyone...


    Out West

    The importance, or lack thereof, of the various western theaters of war The West has achieved new prominence in recent literature on the Civil War and Reconstruction. Some authors believe that the war, post-Appomattox events, and the West...

  • Wild West Magazine

    Washington Irving: A Tour on the Prairies

    Leaving ‘Sleepy Hollow’ for Indian country, Washington Irving met real Indians, roasted bread on a stick, hunted buffalo and wrote a frontier saga...