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Washington’s 5 Rules for Honorable War

In 1775 General George Washington issued rules for invading a foreign country: make friends with the locals, respect religious differences and don’t abuse prisoners.
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Book Review: War on the Run

Maj. Robert Rogers successes on the New Hampshire frontier in the French and Indian War and his still-relevant "Rules of Ranging" are explored in a biography by John F. Ross.
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Hessians: The Best Armies Money Could Buy

No account of the American Revolution is complete without reference to the Hessians, but soldiers of the German mercenary state Hesse fought many wars under many flags.
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Battle of Monmouth

General George Washington was disappointed by the Battle of Monmouth's outcome, but his Continental Army proved that it could match the British on their own terms.

By David R. Wade

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Battle of Paulus Hook

'Light-Horse Harry' Lee entered history with a daring night attack on the fort at Paulus Hook During the American Revolutionary War.

By Charles A. Petrocci