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American Experience: The Abolitionists

"American Experience: The Abolitionists" is a compelling, 3-part series on the rise, fracturing, decline, resurgence and ultimate triumph of the movement to make all Americans free.

Book Reviews – January 2013

Hood’s Texas Brigade in the Civil War Edward B. Williams McFarland & Co. 2012, $45 The last men in the ragged gray line to emerge from the chilly morning mists and stack arms one final time were from...
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Ready for his close-up?

Abraham Lincoln took full advantage of what passed for the modern media in 1863 Between the last month of 1862 and the first hours of 1863, Abraham Lincoln came to terms with his own immortality. In his...
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News – January 2013

Commemorating with caution During the sesquicentennial, just how far can Southern sympathizers go without being flagged for excessive celebration? Separating the South’s military heroes from their...
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America’s second declaration of independence

Lincoln’s famous flair for words couldn’t compete with the gravity of emancipation When it was first issued, even Northerners who recognized it as a second Declaration of Independence lamented...

Book Reviews – November 2012

War on the Waters: The Union & Confederate Navies, 1861-1865 by James M. McPherson University of North Carolina Press, 2012, $36 James M. McPherson, perhaps the greatest historian of the Civil War,...
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Letters – America’s Civil War November 2012

Home-front heroines I am so excited to see the new department “Her War” in America’s Civil War. Although the magazine has always included wonderful features about women, this new title is so...
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November – December 2012

Cabinet issues plague both presidents, but Abraham Lincoln is even more dismayed with his generals. Who can be trusted? November 1 - Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant begins preparations for the first Vicksburg...
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Lincoln’s midterms

Every president faces a shift in Congress after two years, but this halftime show was especially dangerous.