The humpbacked Potez 63-11 may not have the most beautiful profile, but in its day it was the fastest observation airplane in the world.

Potez Replica’s First Flight

The Potez is brand-new, built from scratch using long-lost French blueprints Perhaps because the low-hanging fruit has all been plucked—the P-51s, Corsairs, B-25s and various Grummans already restored to...
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E-volo Takes Lindbergh Prize

"If this innovative design reaches the commercial market it will dramatically change the way we move about the planet." Multiple-overhead-rotor flying machines, which seemingly offered safety in redundancy,...
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Table of Contents – November 2012 Aviation History

The November 2012 Aviation History has articles on French ace Jean Navarre, the world's most beautiful airplanes, materiel delivered by clippers during World War II, A personal account of an air support mission in southern Iraq, South African ace Pat Pattle, and Curtiss O-52 Owl planes soared into combat in Soviet service.
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Table of Contents – September 2012 Aviation History

The September 2012 Aviation History has articles on German ace Gerhard Barkhorn, a Convair F-106A that landed itself, the Grumman Ov-1 Mohawk, controlling a spin, the 459th Fighter Squadron in Burma, and inventor Juan de la Cierva.
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My War – Bud Willis

On a Huey gunship escort for a deep recon mission in Laos, Willis found out that a dead comrade had been left behind
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Payback for Pearl

Doolittle’s Raiders avenged Pearl Harbor by hitting the Japanese where they least expected it—at home