Table of Contents—November 2013 ‘Aviation History’

Reginal Mitchell's Supermarine Spitfire; the mysterious disappearance of the Hawaii Clipper; Max Immelmann, the "Fokker Scourge;" the effort to cut off Hitler's oil supply in Ploesti; a dramatic search-and-rescue in Greenland during World War II.
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Douglas World Cruiser Redux

Any American who can fog a mirror will know the name of the airplane and aviator that first flew from New York to Paris nonstop, but the details of a perhaps more difficult accomplishment—first to fly...
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The Dambusters

View our exclusive animation and preview our story about the bold British raid on Germany’s strategic river dams.

F3F Biplane Barrels Back

Christ Prevost of the Vintage Airplane Company has just returned to the air the F3F-2 you see here, which made its first post-restoration flight last September. Grumman F3Fs would have been iconic...
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Table of Contents – November 2012 Aviation History

The November 2012 Aviation History has articles on French ace Jean Navarre, the world's most beautiful airplanes, materiel delivered by clippers during World War II, A personal account of an air support mission in southern Iraq, South African ace Pat Pattle, and Curtiss O-52 Owl planes soared into combat in Soviet service.
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Van’s Homebuilt RVs

Paul Dye has restored the original RV-1, progenitor of the world's most successful line of homebuilt planes.
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Table of Contents – September 2012 Aviation History

The September 2012 Aviation History has articles on German ace Gerhard Barkhorn, a Convair F-106A that landed itself, the Grumman Ov-1 Mohawk, controlling a spin, the 459th Fighter Squadron in Burma, and inventor Juan de la Cierva.