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Table of Contents – May 2011 Aviation History

The May 2011 Aviation History has articles on F4F Wildcats battling French H-75A Hawks over Casablanca, the world's ugliest airplanes, aerobat Bert Acosta, experimental VTOL tail-sitters, the 26th Fighter Squadron's exploits over Nanning, and rotary engines.
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Table of Contents – November 2010 Aviation History

The November 2010 Aviation History has articles on Topgun aerial combat training, B-29 crews flying over the Himalayas, the airplanes of the Battle of Britain, "Flying Parson" Belvin Maynard's transcontinental air race, the Duxford RAF Museum, and the 10 most difficult to fly aircraft.
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Table of Contents – September 2010 Aviation History

The September 2010 Aviation History has article on Lockheed engineer Clarence L. "Kelly" Johnson, the SR-71's record-breaking flight from London to L.A., Adolf Hitler's personal fleet, Curtiss advertisements, the 10th Photoreconaissance Group and the Vickers Vulture amphibian.
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Letter From Aviation History – July 2010

The July 2010 Letter From Aviation History discusses the technological leap represented by Germany's Messerschmitt ME-262 jet, and how it came too late to impact World War II.

Top 10 Best and Worst Aviation Movies

Aviation History's Top 10 Best Aviation Movies include Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines, Hell's Angels, The Dam Busters, and The Bridges at Toko-Ri; the Top 10 Worst include Top Gun, Snakes on a Plane, and Pearl Harbor.

Gabby Gabreski: America’s Two-War Ace

Gabby Gabreski nearly failed out of his Army Air Corps flight training, but went on to become the top American fighter ace in Europe during World War II and a jet ace in Korea.
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Letters from Readers – February 2009 Aviation History

Letters to Aviation History magazine include an eyewitness account of a P-61 Black Widow's crash in New Guinea; memories of WWII Ace Everett C. “Carl” Hargreaves; restoring the Memphis Belle; and how actress Swoosie Kurtz got her name.
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Axis v. Allied Fighter Pilots Discussion

Germany's top World War II fighter ace was credited with 352 victories. The leading Allied ace had 62. Online discussion: What do you think accounts for the disparity between Axis and Allied fighter victory tallies?