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September 2015 – Letters From Readers

Readers' letters in the September 2015 issue of Military History sound off about the Paris Gun, World War I films, the American Civil War and the sometime necessity of war
Henry Morgan Stanley (The Autobiography of Sir Henry Morton Stanley)


Henry Morton Stanley Goes To War: He served in the Confederate Army, the Union Army and the Union Navy—all because of a petticoat Private William H. Stanley, which was what he called himself then,...
Antietam Bridge, 1862. (Library of Congress)

Confederate Lieutenant Fogle at Antietam

Primary Sources: Bloodletting at Burnside Bridge September 17, 1862. Confederates defending the stone bridge on the lower end of the battlefield at Antietam were outnumbered nearly 4 to 1—but held...
Chilly troops line up for a warm cup of Joe in Winslow Homer's print "The Coffee Call."

Soldiers Loved a Refreshing Cup of Coffee

Strong Enough to Float an Iron Wedge Few things were as welcome to soldiers in camp and on the march as a fresh, hot cup of coffee   Somewhere amid the horror and bloodshed of Antietam, a small...
Robert Lee

Encounter: Robert E. Lee Faces Congress

The senator began his interrogation with an innocuous question: “Where is your present residence?” “Lexington, Virginia,” the witness replied. “How long have you resided at...
25th Corps Flag

USCT Soldiers at Appomattox

Thousands of United States Colored Troops made the march to Appomattox, but no identified photograph of any of them has been found. Until now.

Book Review: Charles M. Russell

Author and art collector Larry Len Peterson explores the life of Charlie Russell through photos of the iconic Western painter and sculptor
A081W0 'Rough on Rats' Poison trade card circa 1885. Image shot 1885. Exact date unknown.

Rough on Rats and Siblings

In November 1897 a doctor in Dixon, Calif., diagnosed several patients with indigestion, but the subsequent deaths of Susie and Louis Belew turned out to be a poisonous family affair

Letter From Wild West – August 2015

Pinkerton, then and now, kept an ever-watchful eye on criminal activity in the East and out West — but the detective agency just couldn't seem to get a handle on the James-Younger Gang.

Déjà Vu: Taking It to the Streets

In the summer of 2014 the deaths of two black men in confrontations with police officers riveted the nation’s attention. In July Eric Garner, of Staten Island, N.Y., suffered a fatal heart attack while being...
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Wild West Discussion – June 2015

In the Southwest the U.S. Army used Apache scouts to hunt Navajos and other Apaches. To the north the Army used a handful of Lakota scouts, as well as scouts from various friendly tribes—Crow, Pawnee,...