An 1880s advertisement by A. Bauer & Co. out of Chicago used this politically incorrect scenario of the Wild West to hawk its rectified whiskies.

Jug of Empire

Known by many colorful monikers, whiskey flowed unregulated and unrestrained across the frontier West
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Letter From Wild West – December 2015

The December cover story—"Billy the Kid's Final Escape," by Paul Andrew Hutton—relates the Kid's 1881 break from the Lincoln County Courthouse in Lincoln, New Mexico, a violent episode that left two lawmen dead
Greeves' colorful SunboyZ shoes, which depict a Kiowa superhero, reflect the original twist she puts on her traditional beadwork.

Teri Greeves

Kiowa artist Teri Greeves' beadwork puts a contemporary twist on a traditional craft, gaining her a worldwide audience
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December 2015 Readers’ Letters

In the December issue of Wild West readers share dispatches about detective extraordinaire Allan Pinkerton and director Anthony Mann's classic Western 'The Tall Target'

Book Review: Wanted

Robert Utley explores the bandit-hero legends of America's Billy the Kid and Australia's Ned Kelly and compares the criminal paths they pursued

Book Review: The Oregon Trail

Rinker Buck relates the history of the Oregon Trial informed by his own 2011 wagon trek along the route with brother Nick

Book Review: American Mythmaker

Mark Dworkin relates the real life of Walter Noble Burns, noted for his mythmaking books about Western historical figures
Kerby, operations director of the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory, has piloted Pisces submersibles to historic finds.

HURL Director Terry Kerby

Director of operations for the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory (HURL), Kerby is committed to tracking down the wrecks of historic ships, submarines, aircraft and other relics in the Pacific
Larry Ball dug deep into archives and the existing literature to separate the truth from the myth about controversial frontier scout and Wyoming cattle detective Tom Horn.

Author Larry Ball

Larry Ball seeks the elusive truth about Tom Horn, the frontier packer/scout, sometime Pinkerton detective and infamous Wyoming stock detective
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Letter From Wild West – October 2015

Geronimo the Apache Gunfighter? In two famous images of Geronimo he holds a gun. Think A. Frank Randall’s 1884 photo of the legendary Chiricahua Apache kneeling with Springfield carbine in hand at the...
Cartridge Box

Rare Artifacts from Confederate Maryland Soldiers

Marylanders For Dixie! THE BORDER STATE of Maryland sent men to both the Union and the Confederate armies. Southern sympathies were strongest in Baltimore and the Eastern Shore regions of the Old Line...