The Prince of Orange with Belgian troops attacking the French near La Haye Sainte farm. (Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection/Brown University Library)

Holding the Farm at Waterloo

In what author Brendan Simms rightly calls “an epic defence,” the 400-odd Hanoverian riflemen of the 2nd Light Battalion of the veteran King’s German Legion withstood French artillery barrages, repeated...

Military History Reader Poll – July 2015

The Battle of Edgehill began the hands-on education of Oliver Cromwell. What other noted military commanders learned mainly from experience rather than prior training? (Photo:...
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May 2015 Readers’ Letters

Readers' letters in the May 2015 issue of Military History sound off about Cold War Europe, lessons from Operations Desert Storm, the Celtic-Roman cultural and military clash, U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Frederick Funston, King Philip's War and ongoing tensions in the Middle East between Muslims and Judeo-Christians.
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Washington’s First Thanksgiving

President George Washington happily agreed to Congress' request for a national day of thanksgiving in 1789. His opponents declared that he'd overstepped his constitutional bounds.
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The Spirit of ’74

Two years before the Declaration of Independence was written, thousands of militiamen put an end to British rule in Massachusetts
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May 2014 – Letters From Readers

Readers' letters in the May 2014 issue of Military History sound off about the medical innovations spawned by war, Doolittle Raider Dick Cole, the 1814 siege of Fort Erie, the myth of Soviet superiority and World War II author Rick Atkinson.