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16th Century

  • MHQ Magazine

    MHQ Book Review: Fighting Techniques of the Early Modern World

    Fighting Techniques of the Early Modern World, AD 1500-1763: Equipment, Combat Skills, and Tactics Christer Jørgenson, Michael F. Pavkovic, Rob S. Rice, Frederick C. Schneid, and Chris L. Scott, Thomas Dunne Books, 2005, 256 pages,...

  • MHQ Magazine

    European Power Projection

    Far from an inexorable march of conquest, Western Europe’s early military forays around the world rode an ebb and flow tide of mercantilism. During the period from 1500 to 1800, the nations of Western Europe burst onto the world stage...

  • Military History Magazine

    Dawn of the Gun Ships

    John Hawkins drew on his experience at sea to create a state-of-the-art fighting ship, ultimately crushing the Spanish Armada and securing English dominion of the high seas. The introduction of heavy guns to naval warfare came at a time...

  • American History Magazine

    American History Review: A New World

    A New World: England’s First View of America Yale Center for British Art, Yale University, New Haven, Conn. March 6-June 1 The British artist and explorer John White first sailed to North America in May 1577 as part of a Cathay Company...

  • American History Magazine

    The First Real Pilgrims

    The oldest known work by a European artist in North America is a watercolor of a near-naked giant, his arm slung around a tiny fop in tights. The giant is chiseled, like a bodybuilder, and covered in tattoos. He wears bracelets and anklets...

  • Military History, MH Interviews

    Shipwreck Hunter David Mearns

    The marine scientist, oceanographer, author and historical researcher has discovered more than 20 major shipwrecks — and counting...