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Today in History: October 9
Today in History

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Today in History
October 9

28 BC   The Temple of Apollo is dedicated on the Palatine Hill in Rome.
1470   Henry VI of England restored to the throne.
1760   Austrian and Russian troops enter Berlin and begin burning structures and looting.
1779   The Luddite riots being in Manchester, England in reaction to machinery for spinning cotton.
1781   Americans begin shelling the British surrounded at Yorktown.
1825   The first Norwegian immigrants to America arrive on the sloop Restaurationen.
1863   Confederate cavalry raiders return to Chattanooga after attacking Union General William Rosecrans' supply and communication lines all around east Tennessee.
1888   The Washington Monument, designed by Robert Mills, opens to the public.
1914   Germans take Antwerp, Belgium, after 12-day siege.
1934   In Marseilles, a Macedonian revolutionary associated with Croat terrorists in Hungary assassinates King Alexander of Yugoslavia and French Foreign Minister Louis Barthou. The two had been on a tour of European capitals in quest of an alliance against Nazi Germany. The assassinations bring the threat of war between Yugoslavia and Hungary, but confrontation is prevented by the League of Nations.
1941   President Franklin D. Roosevelt requests congressional approval for arming U.S. merchant ships.
1946   Eugene O'Neill's play The Iceman Cometh opens at the Martin Beck Theatre in New York.
1949   Harvard Law School begins admitting women.
1950   U.N. forces, led by the First Cavalry Division, cross the 38th parallel in South Korea and begin attacking northward towards the North Korean capital of Pyongyang.
1983   The president of South Korea, Doo Hwan Chun, with his cabinet and other top officials are scheduled to lay a wreath on a monument in Rangoon, Burma, when a bomb explodes. Hwan had not yet arrived so escaped injury, but 17 Koreans–including the deputy prime minister and two other cabinet members–and two Burmese are killed. North Korea is blamed.
1999   Last flight of the Lockheed SR-71 "Blackbird" stealth reconnaissance aircraft.
2006   North Korea reportedly tests its first nuclear device.

Born on October 9

1837   Francis Parker, educator and founder of progressive elementary schools.
1859   Alfred Dreyfus, French artillery officer who was falsely accused of giving French military secrets to foreign powers.
1873   Charles Rudolph Walgreen, "the father of the modern drugstore."
1879   Max von Laue, German physicist.
1899   Bruce Catton, U.S. historian and journalist, famous for his works on the Civil War.
1909   Jacques Tati, French actor and director.
1940   John Lennon, musician, singer, songwriter; one of the Beatles ("Imagine," "Give Peace a Chance").
1941   Brian Lamb, journalist, founder of C-SPAN cable network.
1941   Trent Lott, politician, Republican Senate Majority Whip (1995-96), Senate Majority Leader (1996–2001) and Minority Leader (2001-02); resigned during controversy over making remarks that praised Strom Thurmond's 1948 presidential campaign that had called for preservation of racial segregation.
1948   Jackson Browne, singer, songwriter, musician, producer; member of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ("Running on Empty," "Take It Easy").
1974   Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, writer, radio host; prominent figure in Modern Orthodox Judaism.
1979   Chris O'Dowd, comedian, actor (The IT Crowd and Family Tree TV series, Bridesmaids).

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    john says:

    1000 Leif Ericson discovers "Vinland"
    1446 The Korean Hangual alphabet devised
    1635 Religious dissident Roger Williams is banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony
    1701 Collegiate School of Connecticut (Yale) is chartered in New Haven
    1837 Steamboat "Home" sinks NC coast killing 100 people
    1855 Joshua Stoddard patents the first calliope
    1876 The first 2-way telephone conversation over outdoor wires
    1877 The American Humane Association is organized in Cleveland
    1888 The Public is admitted to the Washington Monument
    1903 11" of rainfall in 24 hours is recorded in New York City
    1915 Woodrow Wilson becomes the first president to attend a World Series game
    1930 The first transcontinental flight by a woman is completed by Laura Ingalls
    1936 Hoover Dam begins transmitting electricity to Los Angeles
    1946 The first electric blanket is manufactured and sold for $39.50
    1947 The first telephone conversation between a moving car and a plane
    1961 Tanganyika becomes independent within the British Commonwealth
    1962 NASA test pilot John B McKay takes the X-15 to an altitude of 39,200 meters
    1963 Uganda becomes a republic within the British Commonwealth
    1967 Che Guevara is executed in Bolivia
    1969 Supremes release "Someday We'll Be Together"
    1970 Khmer Republic (Cambodia) declares its independence
    1973 Elvis and Priscilla Presley divorce after 6 years
    1975 Emperor Hirohito of Japan visits San Francisco
    1975 Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov wins the Nobel Peace Prize
    1980 The first consumer use of home banking by computer – Princess Caroline of Monaco divorces Philippe Junot
    1982 Melissa Poirier was born
    1983 Four South Korean cabinet ministers are assassinated in Rangoon, Burma
    1984 Kathy Sullivan becomes the first US woman to walk in space
    1986 Senate convicted US District Judge Harry E. Claiborne making him the 5th federal official in history to be removed from office through impeachment
    1989 Penthouse Magazine's Hebrew edition appears on newsstands
    1990 Radio stations around the world play "Imagine" in honor of John Lennon
    1990 Saddam Hussein threatens to attack Israel with a new missile

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