The Glider: Silent Wings Over Normandy

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  1. Lou Meigs

    A couple of ‘niggles’

    1. The C-47, with a hook trailing behind it, flew just above ground level over the glider. The hook snagged the glider’s tow rope, taking the glider from zero to 120 mph in seconds.

    Actually the operation descirbed is the ‘snatch’, and was occasionally used (most often in the CBI Theater) to retrieve gliders from behind enemy lines. Often, these gliders would be loaded with wounded for evacuation.

    During normal operations, the glider was connected to the tow-plane by a standard towline, and the tow-plane towed the glider down the runway for a conventional takeoff.

    3. The C-47 typically released the glider at an altitude of 500 to 750 feet.

    Actually, the glider pilot was the one who triggered the release.

  2. Jerry McGlone

    I am looking for information ANY on Gerald McGlone..He dropped in on a glider and wrote for tow rope..If you can find ANY thing that would be wonderful..

    Grandson Jerry McGlone


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