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Table of Contents – Vietnam Magazine – June 2007

5/1/2007 • VIET Issues

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Re-counting the Casualties at Khe Sanh
By Peter Brush
A Marine veteran of the war’s longest battle searches for the truth beyond the official KIA numbers

POW Hero Bud Day
By Richard C. Barrett
The only American prisoner of war to escape North Vietnam missed being rescued by minutes, costing
him more than five years in brutal captivity

Ghosts of the Ia Drang
By William A. Barry
A young C-130 navigator comes face to face with the human toll of war

Death on the Airwaves
By Lt. Col. Ben G. Crosby, U.S. Army (ret.)
In the face of a human wave attack, an isolated unit’s survival hung on the courage of its radio operators

Letters From Readers

News and Events
By Claudia Gary-Annis

By John R. Kingston

Fighting Forces
By John A. Manney

By Captain Carl O. Schuster,
U.S. Navy (ret.)

By George J. Hawkins

Letter From Vietnam Magazine

By Gareth Porter, et al.


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