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Table of Contents – Summer 2008 Military History Quarterly

8/1/2008 • MHQ Table of Contents

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Turning the Ottoman Tide
by Anthony Pagden
In 1683 at Vienna, a Christian relief force repulsed the army of Mehmed IV, saving Western Europe from seemingly inevitable Muslim conquest.

Foundation for an Empire
by Chuck Lyons
On a hot and humid day near a nondescript village in June 1757, Robert Clive won an improbable victory that set Britain on a course to dominate India for 190 years.

FDR Sees the Elephant
by Joseph E. Persico
Assistant Secretary Franklin D. Roosevelt met with kings and presidents, toured the front, fired an artillery piece, and declared to all that he had seen the face of war.

‘Don’t Give up the Ship!’
by Roy and Lesley Adkins
Despite his crew’s humiliating surrender, the exhortation of Chesapeake’s dying captain became a rallying cry of the War of 1812.

MacArthur’s Forgotten Field Commander
by Rod Paschall
Relying on daring raids and sound battlefield judgment, General Walter Krueger reclaimed Luzon from the Japanese with minimal casualties.

Thunder on the Hudson
by Noah Andre Trudeau
If Sir Henry Clinton had been allowed to follow up his 1777 capture of two Hudson River forts, the British might have avoided their disastrous defeat at Saratoga.

Changing Conceptions of English Castles
by Lise Hull
Castles in Britain have always served as symbolic displays of power and wealth, but their military purpose cannot be overlooked.

How the Allies Won World War II
by Jeremy Black
Productive factories provided abundant materiel, but the ability of individual soldiers to adapt made the real difference.


Fighting Words:
Terms from Military History
by Christine Ammer
Our lexicographer considers some widespread words and phrases derived from weaponry.

Artists on War:
Garibaldi’s Panoramic Exploits
by Peter Harrington
Before photography, people flocked to panoramas to gaze at far-flung scenes painted on huge canvases, as moderators dramatized the unfolding events.


Experience of War:
Confederate Cavalryman in the Wilderness
by Lieutenant Robert T. Hubard Jr., Thomas P. Nanzig, editor
Unaware of the titanic clashes around him, this Civil War soldier followed orders but saw great opportunities to do much more.

In Review
Reviews of Retribution: The Battle for Japan, 1944-1945, by Max Hastings; and War and Peace in the Ancient World, by Kurt A. Raaflaub, editor.







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