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Table of Contents – Summer 2007 – MHQ

5/17/2007 • MHQ Table of Contents

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The Warrior Prophet
By Richard A. Gabriel
If Muhammad had not been an innovative and accomplished military leader,
Islam might not have survived the seventh century.

Caesar’s Triumph in Gaul
By Adrian Goldsworthy
When diplomacy failed against his former Gallic allies, Julius Caesar embarked
on a savage military campaign.

Escape From Pearl Harbor
By Michael Olson
The crew of the destroyer Dale scrambled to battle stations and ran a gantlet of Japanese bombs to save their ship.

Audacious Cruise of the Emden
By John M. Taylor
A daring German cruiser captain wreaked havoc on Allied shipping in the Indian Ocean
during the early months of World War I.

The Youngest Marshal Saves the Day
By Rod Paschall
Louis Davout expected to play a secondary role in the Jena campaign, but when attacked by most of the Prussian army at Auerstädt, the balding, bespectacled corps commander won a crushing victory usually attributed to Napoleon.

Sherman’s First Campaign of Destruction
By Buck T. Foster
Marching through Mississippi, William Tecumseh Sherman planned to sap the South’s will along with its ability to wage war.

Mercenary Pilots With La Patrulla Americana
By Noah Andre Trudeau
Although a number of American citizens flew for the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War, the United States learned little from their experience.

Experience of War:
Mie Askari mdachi: I am a German Askari
By Gerhardt B. Thamm

Tactical Exercise: Allenby’s Turning Tactics
By Bruce I. Gudmundsson

Artists On War: Baron Gros and The Pesthouse in Jaffa
By Pamela D. Toler

Fighting Words: Terms from Military History
by Christine Ammer

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