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Table of Contents – September 2011 Aviation History

7/11/2011 • AVH Issues

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Superbomber’s Achilles’ Heel
By Stephan Wilkinson
More American airmen died in accidents caused by the B-29’s unreliable engines than were killed by the Japanese.

The Perfect Soldier
By O’Brien Browne
RAF ace James McCudden owed his 57 victories to brilliant tactics, intense concentration and superb marksmanship.

How the Luftwaffe Kept ’em Flying
By C.G. Sweeting
Rigorous maintenance helped keep the vaunted German aces in the air.

Deadly Sabre Dance
By Alan Cockrell
A horrific film of a botched F-100C landing in 1956 saved the lives of many new pilots.

Above the Roof of the World
By Derek O’Connor
In 1933 two teams of British airmen in open-cockpit biplanes became the first to fly over Mount Everest.

The Boneyard
By Roy Stevenson
The 4,000-plus retired aircraft entombed in the desert at Davis-Monthan AFB constitute the world’s second-largest air force.




By Sonja Dewing
A former Boeing flight engineer recalls testing new B-29s

By Paul J. Fournier
Bush pilot Roger Currier keeps radials roaring in Maine 

By Robert Guttman
Germany’s Ju-288 contributed much to the Allied cause

Letter From Aviation History


Flight Test
By Jon Guttman

Aero Poster



Film footage of a deadly F-100 Super Sabre crash ended up being used in several Hollywood productions (see story here). Should the U.S. Air Force permit use of official footage like this in commercial releases? Click here to share your comments


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