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Table of Contents – September 2007 – Civil War Times

8/2/2007 • CWT Issues

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The Fierce Pride of the Texas Brigade
By Susannah U. Bruce
Duty, honor and a fervent desire to preserve the storied reputation of the Lone Star State are what drove Robert E. Lee’s favorite shock troops.

The Birth of Photojournalism
By Kevin Morrow
How pioneering Civil War cameramen such as Mathew Brady and Alexander Gardner forever changed the way the world views warfare.

William J. Palmer: America’s Civil War’s Forgotten Union General
By Thomas P. Lowry
William Palmer provided the most reliable Antietam intelligence, defused a military mutiny in Tennessee and earned the Medal of Honor. So why doesn’t anyone remember him?

Unraveling the Myths of Burnside Bridge
By Maurice G. D’Aoust
Ambrose Burnside failed to follow orders and cost the Army of the Potomac an opportunity for a decisive victory at Antietam. Then he tried to cover it up.

A Glorious Memorial to the Glory Regiment
By Michael J. Varhola
Sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ homage to the 54th Massachusetts continues to gain fame today as an evocative reminder of how black soldiers helped change history.

Music to Make War By
By Linda Wheeler
Try to imagine the Civil War without rousing anthems, controversial tunes or even a grand march for the president.

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Civil War Today

Gallery: Faces of an Era

Turning Points

Great Uncle Horatio

Q&A: Congressman Gary Miller

My War: Report from Henry C. Hoffman

In Their Footsteps

Letter from Civil War Times




America’s Civil War: 54th Massachusetts Regiment

Harry Macarthy: The Bob Hope of the Confederacy

Unraveling the Myths of Burnside Bridge – Annotated Version



Do you fault George McClellan, Ambrose Burnside, both or neither for the failures on the Federal left at Antietam, beginning with the delays at the Lower Bridge?

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