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Table of Contents – October 2011 American History

7/22/2011 • AH Issues

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The Bible According to Thomas Jefferson
Our third president sliced up Bibles to create a cut-and-paste version of the New Testament in which he left out any suggestion that Jesus is God. What was he thinking?
by Peter Carlson

America’s Greatest Work of Architecture
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater still evokes natural wonder 75 years after work began on the house
by Kristen Hinman

The Devil’s Advance Agent
Young women of the 1890s ignored warnings that bicycling was indecent and vulgar and rode boldly into a better future
by Sue Macy

Lone Star Nation
The fierce independence Texans have shown for 175 years is rooted in a unique founding mythology
by Gregory Curtis

Twitter’s Folksy Forerunner
In the 1920s and ’30s, Will Rogers anticipated the era of tweets when he issued bite-sized comments for the masses via daily telegrams

A Short History of Debt
The government’s ability to borrow money, a blessing in times of war and economic crisis, has recently turned into a dangerous curse
by John Steele Gordon

Justice official acknowledges U.S. lies about Japanese internment; controversy swirls around a George Washington bust; and more

The Big Picture
Cotton conquers the country

We’ve Been Here Before
Benedict Arnold was even harder to catch than Osama bin Laden

The First
Breakfast cereal

Abraham Lincoln gets no respect from Nathaniel Hawthorne

Battle Hymn of Winslow Homer

Ken Burns toasts Prohibition

Letter From American History

The epic saga of the biracial Clamorgan clan; tales of rebels and radicals who made the founders uneasy; presidential pretenders; a Gilded Age sex and murder scandal; and more

From America’s Attic
A haunting reminder of 9/11

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