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Table of Contents – October 2010 Vietnam magazine

By Vietnam magazine
7/29/2010 • VIET Issues

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Breaking the Siege at Khe Sanh
by Joseph E. Abodeely
A young 1st Air Cav lieutenant signaled the end to one of the war’s most storied battles with a blast of “charge” on a captured bugle

‘Piece of Cake’
by Robert Stokes
A return to Marble Mountain brings back hard memories for one reporter

From Torching to Teaching
by Charles W. Sasser
The Marines’ Combined Action Platoons won hearts and minds—and some ferocious battles—
deep inside enemy strongholds

Hard Truth About Fragging
by Peter Brush
Unprecedented declines in morale and discipline spawned the phenomenon that is
forever tied to the Vietnam War

Helmet Art—The Things We Wrote
Introduction by Marc Leepson
A portfolio of self-expression on a steel pot

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Tribute: James Hollingsworth
by James H. Willbanks
A brash tank commander for George Patton in World War II, General James Hollingsworth
never let up, or kept quiet, in Vietnam

Body Count
by Gary W. Bray
Assigned to lead the platoon that had been responsible for My Lai, a second lieutenant
recalls the reality of the measure of combat success

Letters from Readers


The heavy-hitting F-105D

Karl Marlantes’ 30-year sojourn to “overnight” literary success
with his novel Matterhorn

My War
Army Medic George Banda

What was happening back in the States, September/October 1965

Letter From Vietnam magazine

The 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam: Unparalleled and Unequaled,
by Maj. Gen. Ira A. Hunt Jr.

Beyond the Killing Fields, War Writing, by Sydney Schanberg

Lullabies for Lieutenants: Memoir of a Marine Forward Observer in Vietnam 1965-1966,
by Franklin Cox

Landmark Speeches on the Vietnam War, edited by Gregory Allen Olson

Offerings Left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial


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