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Table of Contents – November 2010 Aviation History

9/22/2010 • AVH Issues

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Too Hard to Handle
By Stephan Wilkinson
Ten airplanes no one enjoyed flying.

F-14 Tomcat Sharpens Its Claws in Topgun
By Dave “Bio” Baranek
Just how tough is Topgun? A former instructor looks at how and why aerial combat training works.

Superfort Crew’s Siberian Odyssey
By Michael Heberling and Jack Schaefer
After flying the “Hump” and bombing Japan, some B-29 crews faced months of Soviet internment. 

Airplanes of the Battle of Britain
A portfolio of John Batchelor’s detailed cutaway illustrations.

The Great Transcontinental Air Race
By Herbert M. Friedman and Ada Kera Friedman
How the “Flying Parson” and his dog captured America’s heart in 1919.

‘The Few’ Live on at Duxford
By James Ullrich
Britain’s premier aviation museum evokes the spirit of the nation’s finest hour.




By James Careless
Ottawa restorers piece together a Travel Air 2000

By Robert Guttman
The XF-84H Thunderscreech was a knockout—literally

By Forbes Inglis
“Stapme” Stapleton became an ace in the Battle of Britain

Letter From Aviation History


Flight Test
By Jon Guttman

Aero Poster



Stephan Wilkinson’s "Too Hard to Handle" examines our picks for the 10 most difficult to fly aircraft ever produced, "Extremes" deals with another and "Flight Test" lists 10 more potential candidates. What difficult aircraft have we overlooked? Click here to share your comments.



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