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By British Heritage staff
8/27/2009 • BH Issues

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The Wild Scottish Borders
Land of abbey ruins, pele towers, fairie tales and Sir Walter Scott.
By Jim Hargan

Greenway House: Agatha Christie’s Home
Open for the first time by the National Trust in her native Torbay.
By Dana Huntley

The United Kingdom of Beer
After all, it was Britain’s national drink for centuries before tea.
By James Graham

Hoghton Tower and Sir Bernard
The family has been at home here since the time of the Norman Conquest.
By Siân Ellis

A Day to Visit Dundee
Don’t miss the RRS Discovery, Robert Falcon Scott’s antarctic ship.
By Jim Hargan

Walking Through Casterbridge
Thomas Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge comes to life in Dorchester.
By Dana Huntley

Mayfair’s Mount Street Gardens
This hidden gem offers an oasis of color and quiet in the hub of London.
By Jennifer Dorn

Dateline: Britain

The British Heritage
Top Ten English Cathedrals

Our Sceptered Isle
with Dana Huntley

On the Road
Discovering East Anglia

Around London Town
with Sandra Lawrence

Beyond the Bookshelf

The Anglo-File

A Commonplace Book

On our cover: Scott’s View of the Eildon Hills and the Tweed Valley is one of Scotland’s most iconic landscapes.

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