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Table of Contents – November 2009 Aviation History

9/4/2009 • AVH Issues


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Top Pencil
By Peter Garrison
From global circumnavigation to the edge of space, Burt Rutan has redefined aeronautical design.

Stearman’s Biplane Beauties
By Edward H. Phillips
Known for their rugged reliability, Stearman airplanes have taught generations of Americans to fly.

Operation Mallory Major
By Joseph Connaughton
A B-26 navigator/bombardier recalls his role in the all-out effort to destroy the bridges across Italy’s Po River.

Off to Oz
By Richard P. Hallion
In 1919 two Aussie brothers took on a huge challenge, flying a lumbering Vimy bomber from England all the way home.

Tin Triangle Tales
By Brick Eisel
Designed for doomsday missions, Britain’s Avro Vulcan instead played its most famous role as a conventional bomber in the Falklands War.




By Ken Wright
Night fighter ace of aces Heinz Schnaufer

By Dick Smith
Offutt’s Flying Fortress gets a facelift

By Jon Guttman

By Dick Smith
Avrocar: The flying saucer that didn’t really fly

Letter From Aviation History


Flight Test
By Jon Guttman

Aero Poster



Many consider aerospace engineer Burt Rutan a genius, while others suggest that his unusual approaches to aircraft design are mostly aimed at attracting media attention. What do you think Rutan’s place will be in aviation history? Click here to share your comments.



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